Producers & Musicians

2017 the team consists of:


J. Oliver Wiebe (aka. Olman Viper)

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Florian Sommerimage001







Matthias Hilberer

Matthias Hilberer







Lasse Lammert








Timothy Nibbs Carter (Bass)

Timothy Nibbs Carter Began Playing a Guitar at 14 years. Self taught. Can’t read or write notation. Likes any Music Style. First real Band and begin pro / studio-session age 19. Joined Saxon age 22.
Recorded with many Rock, Blues & Pop Artists including Saxon, Fast Eddie Clark & Fastway, Bernie Marsden, David Cross, Billy Brannigan, Will Reid-Dick, Pete Hinton, Andy Sneap, John Stimpson, Matt Kemp.
Enjoys playing Bass Guitar and Synth Pedals on stage plus Backing Vocals.
Plays 6 string Electric Guitar, Keyboards and Drums and enjoys Composition and Recording using Roland Sonar X3 Producer, Gibson, E.S.P. & Sandberg Bass Guitars through Markbass Amps and Cabs. Married with Four Children.


Franzi Kusche (Vocals)Franziska Kusche

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Jessy Martens (Vocals)jessy_martens

Starting up in late 2010, live wire Jessy Martens and her band very quickly rose to the top of the rock and blues scene. Winning the DEUTSCHER ROCKPREIS 2012 (“GERMAN ROCK AWARD 2012”) for best rock band/best rock singer and the GERMAN BLUES AWARDS 2012/2014 for best blues band / best blues singer, as well as receiving the award for best blues album of the year for her songwriting debut “Brand New Ride”, are a testament to the unanimous enthusiasm of audiences and the press.

The potential of her „voice to die for“(rocktimes) seems limitless: at times she roars as if she has just come from a night of boozing and partying, and at others she sings with a clear voice, simply “straight”. One moment she will sway flirtatiously through a number, only to go straight to the heart of the audience with emotional abandonment in the next song. 100% authentic, supported by her “outstanding band” (Deutschlandfunk), Jessy Martens is an experience not to be missed. “Live on stage” is precisely her thing. Anyone who has been there knows: this lady bowls you over and moves you to tears. A real class act, made in Germany!

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Till Stade (Guitar)Till1






Ian Mardon (Violin)