Producers & Musicians

2018 the team consists of:


Lisa Affenzeller






J. Oliver Wiebe (aka. Olman Viper)

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Matthias Hilberer

Matthias Hilberer







Lasse Lammert








Timothy Nibbs Carter (Bass)

Timothy Nibbs Carter Began Playing a Guitar at 14 years. Self taught. Can’t read or write notation. Likes any Music Style. First real Band and begin pro / studio-session age 19. Joined Saxon age 22.
Recorded with many Rock, Blues & Pop Artists including Saxon, Fast Eddie Clark & Fastway, Bernie Marsden, David Cross, Billy Brannigan, Will Reid-Dick, Pete Hinton, Andy Sneap, John Stimpson, Matt Kemp.
Enjoys playing Bass Guitar and Synth Pedals on stage plus Backing Vocals.
Plays 6 string Electric Guitar, Keyboards and Drums and enjoys Composition and Recording using Roland Sonar X3 Producer, Gibson, E.S.P. & Sandberg Bass Guitars through Markbass Amps and Cabs. Married with Four Children.


Franzi Kusche (Vocals)Franziska Kusche

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Till Stade (Guitar)Till1






Ally Storch (Violin)








Noa Gruman (Singer, Songwriter)