During the W:M:C you shall discover your own musicality and try yourself. Everyone should make his/her own music and write his/her own songs. You’re going to get help from professional musicians who will support you in your instrument.

After you got to know the others and the camp you are going to get divided in groups and – depending on the genre – in bands.

You will get instrumental lessons as well as bandcoaching in 12 work rooms where you can practice. Of course there are rooms available for you if you would like to practice and experiment by yourself. All rooms are equipped with instruments and everything else you need to produce a CD.

You will get to know the region in around Wacken, too. Allow yourself to get infected by the “electrified” atmosphere which will still be there because of the W:O:A.

At the end of the concert we will organize a concert, where you will present your selfmade songs under professional conditions.