(Deutsch) W:M:C 2017 – Wochenrückblick

Metal legends are born in Wacken! For more than seven days, the 70 participants of Wacken Music Camp 2017 have been singing and composing their songs. On Monday, 14.08.  the participants and band managers went for an adventure at the cli mbing park in Hanerau-Hademarschen. Here, the participants had to form teams in order to solve problems and to help each other through the obstacles of height. Thus they were able to grow more together… weiter »

W:M:C – Final Concert 2017

This year’s participants will show what they have learned during the Wacken Music Camp on Saturday, 08/19/2017. They’ll present their own songs in a final concert in the school gym in Wacken. Come over! The participants of the W:M:C are accompanied by professionals, like internationally renowned music producers such as Lasse Lammert and Florian Sommer. In addition, the participants are taught by specialized music coaches, such as Nibbs Carter, the bass player of Saxon. The… weiter »

W: M: C – book now!

Learn to play Metal in Wacken! The Wacken: Music:Camp again provides space for musical development this year. From 12.08. until 20.08.2017 in the “Kuhle” of the festival grounds of the famous Wacken Open Airs and in the rooms of the elementary school in Wacken where the music will be written and recorded. There are still some slots vacant and until the beginning of June registrations will be accepted for the camp. The musical focus of… weiter »